Grand Revival


“Where words end, music begins…” Heinrich Heine

In a world full of noise, busyness and stress, it is a challenge to find time to just STOP to experience peace, joy and be in touch with the power of high music to spark something magical inside.

SPARK CONCERTS is a revival of the 19th century tradition of enjoying classical music in the home.

It combines music, message and an up close experience of live sound to spark joy.

Take a deep dive into the heart of passion behind the notes and be reinvigorated. Margaret Wacyk will take the listener on a unforgettable journey of the soul..



A Touch from the Past

“Her versatility in many styles emphasize chameleon-like transformations”                    American Music Guide

I am a concert pianist trained in the 19th century tradition of ‘golden tone.’

The great pianists of the past made the piano sing. Their golden tone communicated rich emotion that captivated the hearts of listeners.

In my music I am inspired to capture this lost tradition of beautiful sound and a return to the sensual, poetic and intimate concert experience.

Sample Recordings


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