Margaret Wacyk’s prolific musical gifts, innovative approach to the piano and acclaimed recordings were named Grammophone Magazine’s Best Releases from North America.

For Margaret, the piano is an instrument of love. And she shares it in a magical way. 

The passionate quest that drives her is:

How can the world be a better place through the beautiful medium of the piano?

Towards this end, she has single-handedly transformed the way that classical piano is performed today and invites audiences around the world to ‘hear different’. 

Seeing a need for classical concerts to be more engaging for audiences, Margaret founded the ground-breaking Spark Concerts. It merges story and performance, forging a heart-centered connection for the listener. 

An avid proponent of music as a tool for healing she has created protocols that have helped countless people. 

Touch creates magical piano playing. Margaret’s golden piano tone and velvety technique has enchanted listeners world-wide and dazzled critics for decades.

Now she is sharing her unique method with an on-line teaching school that brings the lost art of tone production from the 19th century to a new generation.