In this time of mandatory quarantining I’ve been noticing a lot of things that I’ve taken for granted.

For instance, I anticipate the song of the red robin that sings outside my window in the morning.

I’ve noticed that the sky seems clearer and the other night as I walked the dogs with my husband I could’ve sworn I caught sight of stars in their diamond sparkled robes  twinkling just a bit brighter than usual.

I notice the egg yolk yellow color of the newly blossoming forsythia bushes resolutely crying out “Stop looking at the TV screen and look at me..aren’t I spectacular?”

Not to mention the cleaner, crisper quality of air, maybe because there are just less planes, trains and automobiles buzzing around.

Or is it just AWARENESS?

Maybe I’m imagining these things…Or maybe I’m perceiving things that are always there, but which I overlook when times are ‘normal’.

Which leads to the next question:

What is the ‘new’ normal?

Is it this?

And if so, is there also a lesson to be found here?

I’ve been thinking and feeling A LOT about the power of frequency.

Using myself as my own laboratory experiment.

For instance the other day the news gobsmacked me into a state of panic.

I literally felt my heart racing and fear starting to take a grip.

I turned off the news, but my nervous system was still in a state of red alert.

Then I changed the frequency…I listened to some soothing music.

It actually lulled me into a sleep and I felt peace for the first time that day. 

Powerful is the gift of sound.

Animals can teach us a lot in this department.

They are fantastic barometers of frequency.

Dogs hear pitches that humans cannot.

Bats (yes they might not be our favorite critters these days…) but nevertheless, their sense of echolocation navigates them to catch prey. They ‘see’ with their ears.

Whales are incredible listeners as well.

Naturalist Michael Modzelewski writes in his book ‘Inside Passage’ that whales have incredibly high taste when it comes to music.

They will swim for hundreds of miles to form a circle and  listen to the sounds of music played from an underwater speaker.

But here’s the clincher…It’s not just any music they will make that kind of effort for…

It’s only the music of JS Bach.

In the spirit of nature, beautiful music and the higher frequencies of faith, hope and love I recorded this message to uplift in this challenging time with a performance of Bach, played on a very special piano.

I hope you like it.

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