With the Corona virus scare, I wanted to share a FREE training of how music can help heal our body and protect it from harmful viruses.


In this short but POWERFUL training you will learn:

  • How can music is a powerful form of treatment.
  • What to listen to (along with a FREE MP3 playlist)
  • How YOUR atmosphere has a CRUCIAL effect on your health
  • How you can CREATE a healing environment, wherever you are (living room, car, office…)

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It works by using the same principle found in noise cancelling headphones but applying it towards sickness. 


Science has shown that FREQUENCY matching has powerful applications. 


Think how an opera singer can break a glass…


They match the frequency with their voice, causing the glass to vibrate then it shatters. 

Wouldn’t it make sense that even pathogens can be influenced by their resonant frequencies, begin to vibrate, react then BURST?!

Scientist Anthony Holland even discusses the effect of resonant frequencies on cancer cells in this TED talk. 


EVERTHING in our universe has a vibration.


Including pathogens.


The way that noise cancelling headphones work is by matching the same phase (frequency) of the noise then inverting it by 180 degrees, thereby cancelling it. 


Scientists such as Royal Raymond Rife applied this approach towards treating deadly diseases and cancer decades ago.


If you would like to learn more about 

  • What kind of music is great to promote healing, 
  • How to use it
  • And receive a free MP3 download of restorative music 

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Learn why the prescription of the future, according to researcher Elena Mannes is 

“Take 2 symphonies and call me in the morning.”