“…It smelled like waiting.” 

Those words from Erica Bauermeister’s poetic book, The Scent Keeper wafted from the page.

The evocation:

Time in its own dance- sometimes fast, sometimes slow–


Our senses as they coalesce…

THIS creates a new feeling…A sensation not yet experienced.

Can you see more colors by hearing?

Can you hear more vibrations by seeing?

It is an idea explored in today’s video. 

The tiny changes are the most powerful.

A sensual marriage of two senses using two great artists: 

Monet, poet of paint and Chopin, poet of piano.

Monet depicts the stillness of time in winter. Waiting.

He looks out of his window in Giverny onto the rolling French countryside and sees haystacks.

Ordinary haystacks. A typical sight.

Nothing special. 

But extraordinary under his paint brush.

They become a feature not merely a fixture.

He watches the tiny changes of light like an eagle perched on a majestic limb of an oak tree.

The way the sun gently strokes the haystacks…The way it flexes, pulls, pushes…

Revealing a world of colors.

 They somehow, magically appear when a cloud dissipates to allow in a glimmery sun.

All in the blink of an eye. 

The tiny changes are the most powerful.

Chopin in his final tubercular state composes his brooding E minor Prelude. 

He is cold…watching time pass by in the white stone room of a monastery in rainy Majorca. 

It was supposed to be a time of  healing to get warmed by the sun, to revive his consumptive lungs.

Instead it became a kind of prison.   

Yet he writes the music. 

He pours his heart into the piano pulling back the curtain to reveal his despair in colors of charcoal grey and languid jade. 

He does so by nuance, shading, reflection.

The tearful drop of only one note in a chord.

The tiny changes are the most powerful. 

Although it is only a half step, a miniscule slide of the finger touching the next piano key.

It is, in fact, a sweeping intergalactic journey.

This gentle caress of the piano key launches us lightyears away.  

It transports us to a new star.

A galaxy yet to be explored.

It is so far…yet it is close

The ultimate paradox.

That only the divine language of music reveals.

Under Chopin’s pen the light glimmers, lingers, evaporates… 

As the day melts into the night sky.

Opulent sun kisses beguiling moon.

Can you hear it?

Can you see it?

The power of the tiny changes…

Watch the video here: