the forgotten wisdom of the 19th century that transforms your piano playing instantly is revealed in this free training:

the connection between franz liszt’s unparalleled virtuosity and violin technique will unlock massive breakthrough in your piano playing…here’s how:



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    Ms. Wacyk’s focus is clearly on the one thing that separates the old masters from the rest. That would be tone. To draw a beautiful tone from one’s instrument is the key. There are certain motions that one must use to get these tones, and using these motions actually makes playing more relaxed. Once you know the motions needed to get the golden tone from the piano the technique becomes easier.

    Rodney James

    Ms. Wacyk’s unique approach to teaching piano reflects the deep musicality of a concert pianist complemented by the profound understanding of the piano’s mechanical principles as well as the biophysical attributes of the human body.

    Any student of piano seriously striving to perfect his or her technique to bring out the full musicality of any piece of music will find Ms. Wacyk’s training tremendously instructive and elucidating.

    Andreas Jessel

    Ms. Wacyk’s training is going to revolutionize the way people learn to play and teach piano! Never before has there been a method like this–it incorporates modern and innovative principles to achieve an ergonomic form that relieves tension and frustration, while producing a beautiful sounding tone.

    I would encourage all pianists, aspiring or professional, to take advantage of this essential resource which has taken a lifetime to develop.

    Sumner Putnam

    Margaret Wacyk’s piano teaching methods are nothing short of extraordinary! Ms Wacyk has helped our daughter master not only the written notes of a piece of beautiful music, but also capture the feeling of the piece as well. She truly makes it possible for a student to bring to life the music of the great composers.” 

    Marylou Beglin