Did you know that classical music is rooted in the Bible? When we listen to it, we get an infusion of faith, hope and love. It is a liquid prayer that renews our spirit.

The best part? Its transformative benefits happen immediately, changing us from inside out.

But maybe classical music feels overwhelming to you. It can appear intimidating, old-fashioned or downright boring.

I can relate.


That’s why I’d love to be your tour guide on this journey.

I’ve picked out beautiful destinations for us to visit. We’ll explore musical masterpieces loaded with spiritual value. I’ll explain the map within the musical score to show you the points of interest. You will get front row access ‘inside’ of a musical piece and experience its wisdom for better living.  

When the intricate beauty and soulful intent of classical music is reunited with its source in the Biblical Word it causes an awesome spiritual reaction. Miracles, healings, transformations. I encourage you to visit Music to Compose You and experience it.