The Parisian piano ‘salons’ of the 19th century were not merely living room concerts where the rich and famous socialized…They were an artistic breeding ground, a nocturnal event where ideas could be exchanged between writers, poets, musicians and painters.

In this intimate setting the sweet fragrance of creativity permeated the room and fertilized new artistic forms. Poetry infused the ears of musicians while painters were inspired by grand literary themes.

In her program The Tragic and the Sublime classical pianist Margaret Wacyk examines the emotional extremes of passion by uniting the world of music, literature and painting.

What can we ‘see’ when we hear Beethoven?

What poetry is steeped inside the music of Chopin?

What is the magic of the legendary ‘golden tone’ in 19th century piano playing?

This is a concert experience that will stimulate the ear as well as the eye through higher vibrations of emotion, contemplation and creativity.


Bach:               Prelude in E Flat Minor, from Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1

Mozart:           Sonata in F major, K 280

Beethoven:    Appassionata Sonata, Op. 57

Chopin:           2 Nocturnes, Op. 9; Ballade in G minor