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Coffee, Conversation and Chopin on Facebook Live April 23

Join the Chopin Circle

Learn Chopin in 4 weeks and play more beautifully than ever!!

Learn Chopin with Margaret, creator of the Ultimate PIano Playing Method. Make your piano playing irresistible applying the secrets of 19th century Golden Tone.

For 4 weeks we will meet on Zoom for a 30 minute ONE ON ONE live class to learn Chopin’s Waltz in A minor, posthumous.

At the end of the session we meet up with fellow class mates for a scintillating ‘soiree’ on Zoom…(but who knows…for the future they could be live meetups…Hey, we could dream, can’t we?… The sky is the limit once we get our circle started!) for conversation, wine and music! What could be better?

Together we will be learning Chopin’s beautiful Waltz in A minor, posthumous which is appropriate for a late beginner-intermediate pianist.

Using Margaret’s training of the ‘golden tone’ of the 19th century, the student will learn to play this music with a new understanding of instrumental effects, tone colors, how to learn with the right approach from the very start, how to listen deeply and integrate the body, mind and heart to play Chopin with natural technique and compelling expression.

Spaces limited. Grab your spot now!. 


  • 4 weekly PRIVATE 30 minute lessons on Zoom with Margaret, scheduled at your convenience.
  • A ‘soiree’ on Zoom at the end of the session: We will talk about music, sip wine, discuss all things ‘Chopin-y’ (poetry, elegance, flowers, art, moonlight) that makes our souls spark. Plus if anyone feels moved to play their Waltz on the call (here’s where the wine comes in handy)…it is a safe and appreciative space. So, dust off the piano in your living room, have a seat on the bench and start to fill your home with beautiful sounds.

When you do that you will fill your heart and those around you with the effervescent fragrance of love as only Chopin can give.



The 4 week course is $196. To enroll, please complete this short form and check your email. You will then be taken to the checkout page.

  • Upon purchase you will receive the sheet music and additional instructions.
  • A piano or electric keyboard is required for this class. 
  • Ability to read music is recommended