Do you dream of playing the piano but think it might be ‘too late’?


Did you play as a child but work got in the way and now you’d love to re-connect with the piano?


Are you so busy tending to other people’s needs that you’re neglecting to feed your soul and ignite your creative passion?



The good news is that you’re not alone!

There are so many adults that are wanting to play piano but don’t know where to turn. As a result, they miss out on the happiness and pure joy that the piano can bring.

That’s why I’ve created a special program JUST FOR ADULTS. All levels, ages 19 to 99…from absolute beginner to pro.

Why this program is different:

Most piano teachers are focussed on kids. It feels weird as an adult to take lessons in a studio filled with 7 year olds. (For any Seinfeld lovers out there, it’s sort of like when Kramer dominates at the Karate Dojo with a bunch a 10 year olds.)

This program is designed with busy adults in mind.

Here’s what the program looks like:

  • I will show you the ‘fast track’ method to jump start your piano playing. Haven’t played in 20 years? I’ve got you covered. Never have touched a piano at all? No problem. My program is steeped in over 20 years experience teaching adults.
  • One hour a week private lessons with me on one of the finest Steinway grand pianos around. You will connect with the beauty of sound. The enjoyment that brings will astound you! Give me 10 weeks and you will be playing the music you love like a pro.
  • I will be your guide not only for the ‘nuts and bolts’ of piano playing but for the soul-stirring, deeper message behind the music. It’s a journey of self-discovery helping you tap into your innate musical gift.
  • Progress faster by being supported in the group of adults that are in the program and pursuing the same passion. We will meet at the end of our 10 week session for a piano party and with an ‘open piano’ for anybody who wants to show off their new pieces. No pressure here. Plus we’ll have wine! (nothing like incentives!)

It’s hard to take time out of your busy schedule and carve out time for yourself, but it is so VITAL!  Imagine how great it will be to have live music created by YOU wafting through your living room this Spring and unplug from the depleting political banter coming from the TV.

In our techno world where we are always attached to our hand-held devices we forget the fulfillment that can come from the simple act of creating tangible art with our hands. This quote by Brene Brown sums up the danger in not making time for creativity:


Add some beauty and creativity back into your life. Your soul will thank you.

Spaces are limited to 10 people. The cost is $900 for 10 weeks of lessons (60 minutes each). Payment can be made in full at the first class or broken up into two payments of $475. Lessons start March 1, 2017. Email to sign up.