For me as a pianist, connecting to the quality of the sound through touch saved me from the crippling tendonitis that threatened to stop my musical career in my early 20’s.

My journey to pianistic wholeness led me to an archived method of tone production from the 19th century. I developed upon this system and now share the secrets of playing piano with technical and artistic freedom to piano students around the world through my online training course Total Tone Transformer.

total tone transformer

Looking back, I thought that rebuilding myself as a pianist was the hard part… but as it turned out, for me to come together as a person was way, way harder. It took a tragic accident.

June 2, 2006 I came to the end of myself when my three year old daughter suffered second and third degree burns on two thirds of her body.  All the reports said she would have limited mobility, need several painful surgeries and have to live with permanent scars.

But God had a different plan…

candle and hammer

She was out of the hospital in one week. No surgeries. Full mobility. Less than 10 months later, not one scar could be found. In a nutshell, there was no evidence that the accident ever happened.


This was a massive miracle. It reawakened my faith, distilled my purpose and changed the wiring in my brain.

God is so great. I think He loves it when we use creative gifts to praise Him.

One way is through sound. Sound was pivotal in my daughter’s healing. I learned a valuable spiritual formula: When prayer is fused with anointed sound it becomes a super-frequency arrow. It sails through the storm clouds of fear and flies to heaven.

After this, I wanted to share this prayer formula with others. It was then that I decided to recalibrate my musical career.


Much of classical music was written for the glory of God, yet rarely is it activated to do the purpose for which it was designed.

It is time to reclaim the sound. That is why I started Music to Compose You. It is a platform for transformational living using anointed sound as a tool.

Over the years I’ve had the honor of teaching and helping people around the globe rekindle their faith and amplify their prayer life with classical music. Together we’ve worked through tuning up the spirit, creating sound clouds of Glory and living life to the fullest…

(Oh, and thankfully it ended up better for me than for humpty dumpty…God is really great with a glue stick…)



Hailed by the American Music Guide for her “versatility in many styles that emphasize her chameleon-like transformations,” Margaret Wacyk is a trailblazer who is breathing new life into the art of piano playing.

As a soloist, Miss Wacyk has concertized in the United States and Europe.  This is her fourth solo recording.  Her second CD, “Piano Works” was chosen as Gramophone Magazine’s “Best New Releases from North America”.

Miss Wacyk has developed a following in the music educational community due to her revolutionary approach to the piano, which has a special focus on a technique of tone production. This system has its roots in an archived 19th century method, which she has researched with over twenty years of relentless exploration.  As a result of these experiences, she authored a groundbreaking book called “Ultimate Piano Playing” opening up the old-world secrets to acquiring rich and effortless tone for pianists of all levels.

Her recording and companion book Soli Deo Gloria”(To God the Glory)explores the spiritual power embedded in the music of JS Bach.  Bach’s motivation in writing his music was to glorify and reflect the awesomeness of God.  Soli Deo Gloria is a fresh re-examination of Bach’s true intention and an invitation to experience the restorative and healing presence of God through the world of sound