Every second of every day the universe is expanding by leaps and bounds.

Growth and change seems to be the modus operandi of the natural world.

It is also true for people.

But change is hard. Change is often not welcomed.

In fact, one out of three people say they would avoid change at all costs if they could.

But change will happen and it will do so either by your personal choice or by an unexpected crisis.

In my life, it seems like crisis is usually the trigger. 

In the past year, I went through a lot of changes in my personal life that left me white knuckled and holding on for dear life.

Some days felt as if I was the reluctant rider of Kinga Ka, that grizzly rollercoaster at Six Flags. 

Change is often associated with pain.

But what if change is the essential catalyst for personal growth and elevation?

What if pain is the natural by-product of birthing into the next chapter of your life?

What if, instead of repelling change at all costs, we can develop a welcoming attitude…

“Hello change! It’s so good to see you. Would like like to sit with a cup of coffee and discuss the scary things are you going to do in me to elevate me to further growth?”

Well…that’s a long shot!

Disruptors cause change.

You can be going along your every day life and suddenly BAM…you get gobsmacked by news you didn’t expect…an accident happens…you meet someone and life is never the same.

Disruptors happen…even in the world of nature. 

In order for a pearl to form in an oyster, there must be a disruptor. 

Usually, the oyster is sitting on the ocean floor minding its own business, when suddenly an irritant such as a grain of sand enters and it gets painful for the oyster.

The oyster can not dispel the irritant, so it starts secreting nacre, a substance that starts to engulf the grain of sand so it is less painful for the oyster. 

Over time, these layers of nacre form a pearl.

A pearl, one of the most precious natural substances, can not BECOME a pearl without the disruptor.

Similarly, a hero cannot become a hero in comfort.

There must be a disruptor that comes into that person’s ordinary world and presents the prospective hero with a choice: to enter into the adventure or to avoid it.

The hero will have many obstacles to overcome. The hero will have to enter into a special world where there will be tests and trials. Yet with all of this turmoil, there will be guides and mentors to help. 

If the hero succeeds, he will re-enter the ordinary world, but be transformed through the experience and bring back new information to share.

On Saturday, Novemeber 16 I will be performing Beethoven’s Appassionata Sonata.

I see this piece of music through the lens of the Hero’s Journey. It is a soundtrack to personal transformation. 

It is interesting that when Beethoven wrote this piece at age 32, he was already grappling with deafness. 

Yet in the midst of his personal turmoil, this piece is an example of his ‘heroic period.’

He felt worthless as a composer. Contemplated suicide. Broken as a man.

But how did he go from feeling at ground zero to becoming a hero?

No matter what you may be facing today, no matter how great the problem, your ground zero can become the jumping board to becoming a hero.

What is the one obstacle in your path you must overcome to become a hero? …Leave a comment below: