It was a cold, blustery day in February when my doorbell unexpectedly rang.

I opened the door and there stood the mom of one of my daughter’s classmates. She came to drop off some cupcakes for a bake sale at school.

Although we were only acquaintances, I wanted to get to know her more…There was something so gentle and expressive about Pam. A rare elegance that is always maintained behind her perfect composure, eloquent speech and ivory pearls.

I invited her in to warm up with a cup of Earl Grey tea. We sat and made small talk about the goings-on about town and the weather and such.

But then she spotted the grand piano in my living room and asked if I would play something.

So, I obliged and played a short piece by Bach.

Nobody could’ve prepared me for what happened next.

I finished playing and looked over to the couch only to find Pam weeping.

These weren’t just ordinary tears of joy or melancholy —these were full-blown tears of grief.

I tried to comfort her trembling body and calm the flow of the tears–but it was like a pipe had burst and there was no stopping the outpouring of pain.

When she finally calmed down I asked what had happened.

“Margaret, you don’t understand what this moment did for me. My father passed away two years ago and for two years I wasn’t able to cry. The tears wouldn’t come. I was so blocked…But this beautiful music, it released something inside me.”

The wall had come down.

It got me to thinking how often we go through life letting emotions get pent up.

If we don’t find a way to release them, they will certainly pile up and eventually become toxic to our body.

Studies show that many cancers develop from unresolved emotional conditions such as depression.

So what can we do about this?

Getting in touch with the act of creating helps us to channel our energy. Whether it’s painting, writing, singing, gardening, the creative process helps us to let go.

Another way is through great music.

The classics of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart have a ‘special sauce.’ The highly organized invisible architecture of their music affects us on a deep level.

Scientist Fabian Maman has shown a connection between the music of Beethoven and the destruction of cancer cells.

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As Shakespeare wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on..” Yes, the vibration of LOVE is the greatest frequency of all.